Enrollment for the 2017 Writers Workshop expired on March 31, 2017.

Writers Workshop


Welcome to the DC Comics Writers Workshop application process!

Our ultimate goal is to select a small pool of professional writers and expose them to DC Comics’ top talent, editors, teaching staff and executives, all with the ultimate goal of earning them a position on a DC comic book.

The DC Comics Writers Workshop consists of three components, all geared toward preparing the professional writer for a successful career at DC.

The first part of the 2017 DC Comics Writers Workshop will run August–October 2017 as an online real-time interactive seminar, every Wednesday evening from 3:30 pm–5:30 pm PDT. Full participation is mandatory.

Interactive Writers Room

The course is thirteen weeks, developed and run by esteemed comic book writer and teacher Scott Snyder, and will be held remotely over a video conferencing platform. Each seminar will teach a new skill essential for surviving and excelling in this highly competitive field. You will also write and revise two scripts during the workshop.

Build Your Portfolio

During the thirteen-week workshop, writers will have the opportunity to polish their DC scripts with help from Scott Snyder, their fellow classmates, and the Talent Development team. If the scripts are completed successfully, they will be hand-delivered to every DC and Vertigo editor for their review. How participants perform during this exercise will determine whether they will be chosen for a possible position on a DC comic book series. Yes, the stakes are that high!

The Goal

Upon completion of the program, the Talent Development group will help the successful participants to obtain a position on a DC comic in the current lineup. We can’t guarantee you will be chosen, but we will get your material in front of the people who make the ultimate decisions — the editors.

DC will only consider writers with current or past professional credits. We don’t consider DC to be a first career stop, but rather an ultimate goal.

Applications will not be eligible if all materials have not been submitted before 11:59 pm PDT on March 31, 2017.