Enrollment for the 2017 Artists Workshop expired on March 1, 2017.

Artists Workshop

This agreement is for your review only, and will be part of the application process. You’ll find the actual agreement on the final line of your application. It must be signed and returned in order for you to be considered for the program.

In consideration for the opportunity to be considered for acceptance into the DC Comics Artists Workshop, I agree as follows:

1. Representations: All materials that I submit to DC in connection with my application for acceptance into the Artists Workshop (“Artwork”) will be original with me, and I have full power and authority to submit the Artwork to you on the terms and conditions hereof.

2. Review of Artwork: I acknowledge that the only obligation undertaken by DC in consideration of my submission is to accept the Artwork for review, and consider me, based on the Artwork submitted, for acceptance into the Artists Workshop in DC’s sole discretion. No other obligation or duty on DC’s part will arise from or be implied by my submission. I further acknowledge that DC is under no obligation to conduct the Artists Workshop. DC will not use or reproduce the Artwork except in connection with determining whether to accept me into the Artists Workshop or as DC and I otherwise mutually agree. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I acknowledge that: (i) DC is not agreeing to refrain from, or to compensate me for, the use of any elements of the Artwork which are not protected by copyright law, including, by way of illustration only, ideas, historical or factual matters or other public domain elements or aspects of the Artwork; and (ii) DC, its agents, artists, representatives or licensees may coincidentally now or hereafter independently develop ideas and artwork similar to the Artwork or similar to elements of the Artwork and that DC is not agreeing to refrain from, or to compensate me for the use of any such coincidentally similar materials, and (iii) I shall have no rights whatsoever in or to, nor shall I make any claim against DC with respect to DC’s use of, any concepts or ideas already in development, or that may hereafter be independently developed by or for DC notwithstanding any similarity to the Artwork. I acknowledge and agree that to the extent the Artwork is based on pre-existing DC comics property, I shall not have the right to exploit the Artwork in any manner except in connection with the Artists Workshop or in private submissions solely as a sample.

3. Return of Artwork: I understand that all submissions of Artwork to DC by me pursuant to this agreement are expected to be made in an electronic format and shall not be returned to me. If I send DC any Artwork in any physical format, DC shall not be obligated to return it to me.

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